Regards, GOD

Fatima’s Shrine cries out for the sanctification of Garabandal; I have taught you to read the Signs of the Times, are you looking for those Signs? how can you not tell the Signs? have you no perception? why are your minds closed? why do you refuse to see? why do you refuse to hear? have you forgotten My Words? why repeat your mistakes? beloved, why all these venomous attacks on the Message of Garabandal given by your Holy Mother who is the Ark of Alliance of My Word to you; the opposition My sacerdotals have towards Garabandal’s apparitions and message are all manoeuvres of Satan; once again as in Fatima, he is trying to prevent My Message from becoming universal;

have you not understood that Satan knowing the value of My Salvation Plan given through My Mother at Garabandal to mere children, is trying once again to erase My Plan? thus leaving you all in darkness to fall; Satan is redoubling his efforts more than ever now to triumph over your Holy Mother, manoeuvring My Church to deny these apparitions which are the sequel of Fatima’s Message of Salvation; Satan, in his fury, is trying to prevent you from feeding upon Me;

My Salvation Plan is clear; I come to redeem My children; recognise My Voice! do not be surprised at the kind of instruments I use; I have chosen a nothing, knowing nothing, a blank canvas so that it is clear that the Works covering this sheet1 will be from Me, and that you believe that it is I, Jesus, Beloved Son of God, who speaks this time; among you is My Kingdom;

My Abels I know you will recognise Me again; O beloved how I love you! I will unveil to you My Plan soon;

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